Community - Work Placement Schemes

During the course of our work for A2Dominion, we met a young Resident, Declan Benjamin, who was very keen to train as a Plumber. We proposed to Declan that he should shadow one of our experienced Plumbers on a Work Placement Scheme before commencing an Apprenticeship. This arrangement proved to be of benefit to both parties and Declan has since been offered a two-year Plumbing Apprenticeship with DW.

Furthermore, one of our Supply Chain partners, City Plumbing, supported us in this Work Placement Scheme by kindly agreeing to provide Declan with his first toolkit.


City Plumbing's Matt Chrolnski (Branch Manager) Presenting Declan with a Complimentary City Plumbing Tool Kit


Mr Les Hughes, a DW Contract Manager, believes the Work Placement Scheme was an overall success as 'it gave us an opportunity to view first hand Declan's commitment to the trade but, more importantly, it gave Declan an opportunity to see whether or not he seriously wished to pursue a career in plumbing. We were also delighted that City Plumbing supported us in this venture and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them'.

Declan added: 'The Team at DW made me very welcome from the beginning and I would like to thank all those involved for this opportunity'.

Employment and Training Coordinator (Community Involvement), Angela Torr, explained: 'The Placements have been a great way of preparing our Residents for employment in a real working environment. The support given by our Contractors has been excellent and has resulted in a number of Residents finding jobs'.